Orlando Hotel Options

If you want the best pricing on an Orlando hotel then you are going to want to check out the hotels which are located near Disney World. There are so many hotels near Disney World and the competition is so fierce amongst these properties that the rates are typically 25% to 30% off what they are anywhere else in Orlando. Here are 3 areas you might want to check out when looking to book a hotel near Disney World.

  1. Lake Buena Vista: The Lake Buena Vista area is the newest area which has been developed. This area boasts a couple of great shopping venues, brand new restaurants, six lane highway system to ease traffic, and brand new hotels. The Lake Buena Vista area was completed in 2005, and since these hotels are newer than most Kissimmee hotels the rates tend to be a little higher. A typical nightly rate for hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area is around $50 to $110 a night.
  2. Kissimmee, Florida: Did you know that majority of Disney World sits in Kissimmee… it is true almost 65% of Disney World is located in the city of Kissimmee. Highway 192 is the main road which guests take to get into Disney World and this is where most Kissimmee hotels, restaurants, and shopping venues are located. Keep in mind, Kissimmee was the first area which was developed near Disney World so most of the venues are little more dated, but there are also some really nice hotels in Kissimmee. If you are going to stay in a Kissimmee hotel look for a property which is a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel. The Good Neighbor Seal is given to hotels which are located near Disney World, and they meet Disney World high accommodations standards. A typical nightly rate for hotels in the Kissimmee area is around $40 to $90 a night.
  3. Disney Owned Hotels: If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury then you should look at the Disney hotels. Disney has quite a collection of properties to choose from. They offer The All Star economy based properties all the way up to the luxury Contemporary Hotel. The All Star Hotels start at $99 a night and go up from there, while the Contemporary has rates which start at $349 a night. The Disney owned hotels all offer free shuttle service to the parks every and most of the hotels offer the Disney meal plan.

Most guests visiting Orlando are shocked at how low the hotel prices are, but don’t be fooled by the prices. Orlando has quite a few hotels which are in the $50 range which are really nice; their rates have to be low because there is so much competition.

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